With SPRINT, our new material, we brought lightness and exceptional performance in the compact materials market.

This new compact material represents a remarkable evolution in the industry, bringing lightness and exceptional performance to a next level among compact materials.

What are the distinctive features of SPRINT?

1. Extraordinary Lightness: One of the distinctive assets of SPRINT is the specific weight, which is approximately halves the weight of similar products in the market. This means that, despite being a compact material, SPRINT offers a significant weight reduction, without compromising strength and flexibility.

2. Performance and Versatility: Usable both as a tread and as assembled sole. SPRINT offers a high-performance level, a great experience for anyone. Its versatility grants innovative use without losing the basic properties of compact materials.

3. Various Target Audience: SPRINT is primarily intended for the footwear market, but the appeal extends to fashion designers, fashion brands, shoe manufacturers, and sole-makers. This increases creative and productive opportunities for those looking for innovative solutions combined with our other materials.

What is the origin of the name SPRINT:

The word SPRINT summarizes a meaning that reflect features of this extraordinary material. On one hand, suggests the idea of speed and sudden acceleration, in line with the extraordinary performance that SPRINT offers. On the other hand, carries the concept to optimize the power-to-weight ratio, representing the perfect compromise between lightness and performance.

A Step Forward for Selasti:

SPRINT represents a new chapter in the history of Selasti. Born as a company specialized in production of E.V.A. foams, our response to the demands of well-known brands in the market has led us to create something truly unique. SPRINT combines our extensive experience with innovation, bringing to the market a product that was missing before, satisfying the needs of our customers.

With SPRINT, our new material, we brought lightness and exceptional performance in the compact materials market., Selasti

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