Expanded EVA

E.V.A. (copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate) is a plastic material with a peculiar closed cell structure. Thanks to this particularity, does not absorb any type of liquids, ensuring specific waterproof requirements to external agents, antibacterial properties, ensuring excellent resistance over time.

The vinyl acetate gives E.V.A. the characteristic rubbery appearance, providing excellent flexibility and resistance as well as strong elasticity and high softness to the touch.

Its particular characteristics of non-conductivity make it an excellent product with insulating properties, as well as a valid material used as a thermo-acoustic insulator, which is also resistant to low temperatures. We have recently developed UV-resistant foam materials for the creation of furnishing objects and / or protective coatings that can be used in even extreme outdoor environments, without suffering appreciable variations in color or structure.

Expanded E.V.A. is also resistant to inorganic acids, oils and fats, and is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Thanks to the wide possibilities of colors and finishes, it is used in the most various sectors. It is widely used in sports, boating and in the footwear sector, both as a raw material for sandals and sanitary clogs and in soles and midsoles for sports and orthopedic shoes. It also finds application in objects, in the automotive sector, in the packaging of quality products and in common packaging.

This material, commonly referred to as “E.V.A.” it is particularly suitable for indoor protection in schools, sports facilities and public and private centres, in equipment for gyms and swimming pools, as well as being suitable for outdoor use such as playground carpets and roofing.