E.V.A. Rubber Sheets

E.V.A. granules are mixed with additives to provide technical features and colors required. The E.V.A. compound is processed in the mixer and then spread on a belt. It is then cut into plates and then placed in molds and heated in special pressing machines to vulcanize it. The result is sheets of closed cell material whose dimensions, i.e. length, width and thickness of the sheet, vary according to the density of the foam.

It is possible to cut the sheet into sheets of the required thickness, up to a minimum of 3 mm.
The flat sheets, with pattern and/or preformed with wedge and heel, are intended for the footwear and orthopedic sector. Flat and patterned sheets are also used as protections, floors and coverings, for teaching and the production of objects and bags.

We produce plates in multilayer material in various hardness, used in the orthopedic market for technical insoles. Recently, the multilayer material has also been developed for high fashion footwear, with coupling of midsole materials and outsole with pattern.
Starting from multi-layered colored sheets, we have developed multicolored solutions with a marbled effect, with wide combinations of colors, dimensions and variable percentages; or with a granitic effect, with various shades and color, up to the most recent combinations of grain sizes, differentiated by particular effects, such as cork imitation.

We develop models for flat plates with patterns and or preformed plates for wedges and heels. In close collaboration with designers and mold makers, we constantly update our mold fleet, both to offer modern and current solutions, and to satisfy the requests of customized soles or plates. As for wedge and heel plates, we have studied a wide range of compounds, to be adapted to the most specific needs in terms of lightness, abrasion resistance, flexibility and anti-slip properties. To best achieve our goals, we also constantly update and implement our machinery, with new molding presses, new mixers, splitters and grinders for various finishes, machines for CAD cutting and mill lines for grinding in various particle sizes.