Coatings and Protections

The safety of people is an aspect that cannot be neglected in any context, especially when it comes to environments frequented by children, the elderly or people with disabilities. For this reason, for years we have been committed to the research and production of class-1 certified fireproof materials, which guarantee maximum safety in every situation.

Our products have been successfully used in the production of flooring and protections for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, sports and public facilities. Their application is particularly suitable in all those environments where the presence of people on the move increases the risk of accidents and injuries.

The protections in E.V.A. they are particularly suitable for this purpose, thanks to their characteristics of high resistance, elasticity and shock absorption. These qualities guarantee maximum protection for people of all ages, reducing the risk of impacts with surfaces.

E.V.A. is a material that stands out for its ability to reduce trauma and injuries, thanks to its soft and elastic structure. Furthermore, the antibacterial, anti-mold and non-toxic properties of E.V.A. make it extremely easy to clean and maintain, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and safety in any environment.

Our many years of experience in the sector allows us to offer tailor-made solutions for every need, always guaranteeing the maximum quality and safety of our products. The class-1 certification of our fireproof materials is the guarantee of reliability and safety, for a safe and secure environment in every situation.

Coatings and Protections, Selasti