E.V.A. Soles

The sole of a shoe performs a fundamental function: it constitutes direct contact with the ground and must guarantee maximum comfort and maximum possible adherence. For this reason, each type of shoe requires a specific type of sole.

The soles can be divided into two broad categories: those prepared by sole factories and those that are finished after being mounted on the last. In the first case, the soles are applied directly to the footwear, while in the second case they are mounted on the last and subsequently finished and modelled.

Among the most used soles in the footwear sector are those in E.V.A. They are divided into two types: soles made with expanded microporous plates, wedge or heel molded, and soles made in injection E.V.A.

Injected E.V.A. soles represent a particularly advantageous solution for the footwear sector, as they are molded directly inside the moulds, without requiring further processing and finishing.

The abrasion resistance and lightness, combined with the softness of this material, make it particularly suitable for the production of shoe soles.

In our factory, we take care of the formulation of the granule itself up to the molding stage, both on frames and by injection. Thanks to our experience and our attention to details, we are able to offer high quality and customized soles for every type of footwear.

Choosing the right sole for a shoe is never trivial and requires the experience and professionalism of industry experts. The right sole can make the difference in terms of comfort and safety and, for this reason, its choice should never be underestimated.