E.V.A. Rubber, Selasti

EVA Rubber

E.V.A is the acronym for Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, a polyethylene-based plastic material. Its particular structure makes it a versatile product, used in many industrial and civil fields, thanks to its peculiar features. The reticulated structure with closed cells makes it a 100% waterproof material, flexible, safe, as well as heat-insulating and durable over time.

Uses and technical specifications

Early used in construction and industrial sector, EVA in recent years has also found a place in other areas such as photovoltaic panels, where EVA sheets are used for closing and protection, ensuring a long-lasting life.

Elasticity, very high resistance, ease of cleaning and sanitizing, are just some of the many qualities of Eva rubber. That have contributed in making it particularly suitable for creation of safety protections in hospitals, schools and sport. An example are the bumpers and edge protectors or the anti-trauma flooring with excellent performance.

From industry to design

The properties of this material went noticed to many creatives who have taken advantage to make high-tech products. An example of this is the American designer Forrest Jessee, who has created his “Sleep Suit” with Eva Rubber, a suit with futuristic lines that allows the wearer to sleep in any condition and place, protecting him from external agents thanks to the softness , strength and insulation of its structure.

Like Zoom Bags using E.V.A. G.Side by Selasti to make the shells of the Pop-Up trolley.

Once the limit that positioned the E.V.A. in the purely industrial field, there has been a growing demand from other sectors such as teaching, merchandising, fashion and in particular the footwear sector, where even the big brands in the sector have found an irreplaceable ally in this highly innovative material for its peculiarities.
Particularly in the footwear sector, this special type of expanded microporous is used to produce soles, midsoles and insoles for both casual and sports shoes, and for orthopedic shoes.
The rubber E.V.A. it is totally waterproof and above all hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal. It is resistant and elastic, yet soft, and does not alter when attacked by oils and inorganic acids.

The sector of foamed sheets for footwear has been the staple of our company since 1968, focusing our production of microporous sheets based on EVA and foam rubber. For 50 years we have been making high quality sheets, researching new compounds and new processes, which are able to raise the standards of materials in the market, improving their characteristics and offering products that meet the most current needs.

Our company has always been a leader, at national and European level, in the constant search for innovative solutions, trying to give new dimension to the field of expanded microporous. We have been forerunners with fireproof, dustproof, anti-slip, sanitized, antistatic products, with natural cork, multilayer and in color combinations that create ever more particular and captivating effects. The path of innovation is the one we pursue with the greatest determination. In front of increasingly specific market demands, our range of products needs to be constantly updated, which leads us to constantly test new solutions in technical, aesthetic and practical terms.