EVA Foam

EVA is a material obtained with a process of co-polymerization of Ethylene with Vinyl Acetate, hence the commonly used name: EVA.

EVA is a cross-linked, chemically expanded material. EVA foam can be processed with hot molding, injected or thermoformed.

The good flexibility and high elasticity also resist low temperatures (up to -50 °C), as well as chemical stability, wear resistance and non-toxicity.

From EVA foam we make sheets that are used in the manufacture of soles and midsoles for footwear, or in material for coatings and insulation, in building material, in sporting goods, and for the automotive sector.

The main characteristics of EVA foam are:

Shock and vibration absorption

Resistance to chemical agents

Resistance to meteorological agents and UVA rays

Acoustic and thermal insulation properties


Resistance to fungi and bacteria



Starting from multi-layered colored sheets, we have developed multicolored solutions with a marbled effect, with wide combinations of colors, dimensions and variable percentages; or with a granitic effect, with various shades and color, up to the most recent combinations of grain sizes, differentiated by particular effects, such as cork imitation. We have been focusing for decades on the development of new colors, working on a color chart that includes several hundred shades, and we are always available to identify and make possible new colors, requested by customers and style offices.