E.V.A. injection molding, Selasti

The lightness of the shape


E.V.A. injection molding, Selasti

ELITE (EVA – LITE) is a product line in E.V.A. injection molding, both to size and for milling process.

The EVA injection molding process consists in melting EVA granules and then injecting the fluid EVA directly into a closed mold via endless screw.

The mold is so opened to extract the solid piece. It takes a few minutes to ensure product cooling. In this phase the piece is fixed on resin molds to counteract material shrinkage (can reach up to 5% after cooling). After removing, the cold piece is finished by removing the injection parts and correcting any imperfection.


Using our own production compounds, in collaboration with designers and best mold makers, we offer you ELITE: sporty, casual and classy soles, particularly light, flexible and resistant, comfortable and with attention to design.

As far as the stylistic research and mold design work is concerned, the most qualified professionals in the sector are constantly supported by our internal staff, with long experience both in material management, and production process. Making products that reflects fashion trends, but also the technical characteristics of a material extremely light and flexible. The customer’s idea is “transformed” into reality, in a sole representing the quality concept that distinguishes our making ad-hoc compounds.

Elegance of shapes and modern version of current concept “Made to measure”.


EVA injection molding allows complex shapes of various sizes and a high degree of detail, customizable with designs and logos. It allows a good accuracy and dimension and high production volumes. It can give shape to infinite types of articles, making the most of the material versatility.