E.V.A. Flooring

The floors in E.V.A. interlocking are a versatile and resistant solution for gyms, kindergartens and private homes. Thanks to their cushioning ability, these floors are able to reduce impacts and prevent injuries during exercise and play.

The tiles in E.V.A. they are available in a wide range of colors and are extremely easy to assemble thanks to their interlocking system. This makes their installation quick and easy, allowing you to cover large surfaces in no time.

In addition to their ease of use, E.V.A. they are also water resistant and totally non-toxic, guaranteeing the safety of those who use them. Furthermore, thanks to their soft structure, these floors are comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

The sturdiness and elasticity of the tiles in E.V.A. make them suitable for multiple uses, from covering children’s play areas to creating shock-absorbing bases for fitness equipment. Their resistance to wear and deformation guarantees the durability of the floor over time, without the need for costly repairs or replacements.

The floors in E.V.A. interlocking are an ideal solution for those who want a surface that is resistant, comfortable and easy to install. The wide range of colors available also allows you to customize the environment in which they will be used, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.