Our Company, Selasti

For over 50 years we have been investing in research and development, producing compounds with the most advanced technical characteristics in our laboratories, in a practically infinite range of colors, creating E.V.A. resistant and elastic in different hardness, designs and thickness.
Our entire production chain supports the customer driving him in the project development, from the very beginning to the final model accomplishment.

In all our production line we are available to follow your specific indications and requests, offering you all our support and our experience in every creative and productive phase, working together with you to make your ideas successful.

The ability to offer cutting-edge solutions is not limited to creativity.

Our particular attention to the world of fashion and design, the guarantee of constantly updated and inspiring support, make Selasti S.p.A. the reference producer for the expanded EVA sector.

Our Company, Selasti


From the project, to the compound, to the finished product, with a particular focus on sustainability.

In our Montebonello plant, which covers an area of 15,000 square meters in Tuscany near Florence, we have a production capacity of 25,000 kg per day / 5 days a week, which allows us to promptly process your orders.

Our widespread presence, allows us to work effectively not only on the design and implementation of your ideas, but to be competitive at a logistical level with direct warehouses in Italy and a wide network of dealers and agents in Europe and in the world.

Our shipments, managed both by our trucks and our carrier partners, guarantee effective and quick deliveries.

Our production capacity is based on a continuous cycle, granting timely processing of orders both in Italy and abroad, especially in Western Europe, the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula, in the Balkan area and former Soviet Union countries.

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In the pursuit for increasingly specific materials, customers require products that have characteristics of abrasion resistance, flexibility, lightness and certified hardness, as well as a wide variety of color shades and the absence of toxic or dangerous substances for the environment. To meet every need, we ensure the conformity of our products through periodic and careful tests on each item in our range. These checks are performed both within our laboratory and in the most reliable laboratories at national and European level.

All our products, regarding the content of toxic and bioaccumulative substances, comply 100% with the European R.E.A.C.H. standard. We also undertake to comply with non-mandatory regulations, such as SG-Mark for the IPA / PAH parameters. We are a company certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.