Sheets E.V.A., Selasti


Sheets E.V.A., Selasti

Heel Sheets

The heel plates, like all of our production, are made in E.V.A. They come already complete with heel-shaped sole molded on top. We offer soles variations without heel, with the heel portion produced separately to allow different applications.

They are produced with our compounds and are available in every color. In addition to the full color, they are available in marbled and granitic versions. From our laboratories, new chromatic fantasies are always proposed in line with the latest market trends.

Wedge Sheets

Wedge sheets have always been among the leading articles of our production. Extra-light and in various models, the wedges plates differ from heel plates because they are elevated over the entire length, allowing to distribute the weight of the body evenly.

We have a large number of standard items, continuously updated with new customizable models both in design and in brand, to follow our customer requests.