Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti


A compound certified to produce E.V.A. with quantities of recycled material reaching over 60%. All with excellent technical characteristics and with the possibility of being made not only with the well-known characteristic grain dots but also with an aesthetic appearance with a totally homogeneous color, not differing in appearance from all non-recycled products.


BioBased™ E.V.A. is the material with totally biogenic ethylene.

We have created a range of items (soles and midsoles) using raw materials from renewable sources.

The physical/mechanical characteristics of foams obtained using bio-E.V.A. are completely equal to those coming from fossil sources.

The ethanol (bio-ethanol) used to obtain the monomer for E.V.A. production is in fact processed from sugar cane, a renewable and sustainable raw material.

Furthermore, during growth, sugar cane absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, thus contributing the reduction of global CO2 emissions in the entire production process.

Since the bio-ethanol used to produce the E.V.A. contains the carbon that cane sugar has absorbed through photosynthesis, it is possible to analytically verify the content of carbon from renewable sources, and so relative percentage of the so-called “Biogenic carbon percentage”.

Biogenic carbon indicates the percentage of carbon that comes from “renewable” sources (biomass/sugar cane) rather than from petrochemical (or in any case fossil) sources. As a reference 100% biogenic carbon means the material derives completely from plants while 0% biogenic carbon means the material contains no plant-derived carbon. A intermediate value indicates a mixture of natural and fossil sources.

Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti


BLOOM® materials are made with the aim to reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions.

BLOOM® transforms waste biomaterials, such as algae that flourish in excess, in processing foams and materials.

BLOOM® harvests harmful algae and uses it in compounds. The algae capture and convert carbon dioxide.

The use of BLOOM® involves a reduction of carbon dioxide and gases in the atmosphere.


One of the most versatile materials of our production, characterized by high resistance to abrasion, SUPERCREPE is a material in expanded sheets, with a characteristic bright sparkling pore, making it a unique product with lightness and resistance.

It is an E.V.A.-based foam with almost unique technical and aesthetic characteristics. Its surface with bright micro-bubbles, allows to recreate an exclusive effect both on dark colors and on more vivid tones, finding wide application in the construction of high fashion footwear, even in the creation of bags and accessories. The best features of the Supercrepe are also expressed under the technical / practical aspect: its superior abrasion resistance makes it perfect for soles and, at the same time, the lightness and flexibility that distinguish it make it an excellent product also for the midsole. Supercrepe is, therefore, a product that has few rivals on the market.

Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti


MYLASTI / MYPLUS / MYLESS /MY55 are leather-effect platesthat we provide sanded on a smooth surface. They allow all forms of processing, from laser engraving to any painting. Very high quality and resistance combined with a special lightness. Mylasti allows an excellent possibility of finishing with a perfect definition of patterns with all our molds.


Compound that combines the technical characteristics of rubber soles with new elasticity and a specific weight lower than normal plates. Resistant, light and flexible, excellent for soles making even in low thicknesses. Based on E.V.A. with a density of Kg / DM3 0.65 with an excellent grip. The soles made in this way lighten the overall weight of the shoe, for increased comfort that adapts to any type of shoe.

The special formula, in addition to ensuring excellent grip and flexibility, maintains the durability characteristics of normal rubber soles.

Moreover, thanks to its compactness and hardness it is the optimal partner for the realization of soles constructed with several layers of E.V.A. both mono and multicolored. Available in the whole range of our colors, C-MAX / 65 can be requested with any production pattern.

Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti


SPRINT is the compact material created by our laboratories, showing a weight of about half of the products already on the market, but with the same features of flexibility and resistance.

Marbled and Macro

We are always looking for new compounds and new processes to keep the quality level of our production constantly high, always keeping in mind the aesthetic aspect.

Starting from multi-layered colored sheets, we have developed multicolored solutions with a marbled effect, with wide combinations of colors, sizes and variable materials.

With the marbled, even in the macro version, we have created a product that, alone or combined with the other materials of our collections, offers the creation of sporty, casual and trendy soles.

Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti


Like all our colors, granitic effect be made in most of our items, taking a normal color as a basis and bringing out VENATURE of contrasting color, in micro and macro versions of great effect, which do not alter the quality of the product but rather emphasizing the particularities.


Our company has always set its goal the constant search for innovative solutions, testing new technical and aesthetic solutions, giving new dimension in the expanded EVA market.

With increasingly specific market demands, we constantly update our products. Among our proposals there are products with natural cork to create particular and charming effects.

The application of natural cork grains to our base compounds offers numerous variations of materials for diversified solutions based on cork percentages and technical characteristics.

Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti

Special products

  • Antidust
  • Oil resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Cold resistant
  • Fireproof S.A.F.E.
  • Acid resistant
  • Antibacterial
  • Biodegradable

Special processing:


Vulcanization is a heat treatment thanks to which, in addition to making the material more elastic and resistant to abrasion and atmospheric agents, we can also obtain multilayer sheets, which alternate more shore and color gradations.

These slabs can be easily finished using CAD / CAM machines, our materials can also be produced with ANTIDUST additive avoiding electrostatic charge of the processing dust, leaving the tool clean.


Among the needs of the orthopedic sector there is certainly to follow medical prescriptions to create a custom-made insole for the patient.

The use of EVA has allowed great progress in this field and the variety of insole hardness has certainly favored its use. While maintaining the weight of the material and therefore the weight of the finished insole unchanged, we are able to produce all grades of SHORE by providing plates and blocks with variable hardness within a single piece.

Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti


Processing on plates with execution of various types of puncturing for internal soles and articles for the orthopedic sector.


Processing on plain or patterned sheets, cut into strips and with various types of shapes.

Materials, Selasti
Materials, Selasti


Processing with sanding effect on the surface of the design, for a glossy / matt effect with a strong aesthetic impact.